Loving wasn’t easy

Loving wasn’t easy part for us…
We were always meant to be apart
For the world
Trying to tag along, for once
But nothing good came out of us..

Lights, they tried to play cupid for us
Flickered along, when we were together
Hiding us from the eyes of others
Letting us live for a moment
In the arms of our lover…

And to all of the time
We sweet wasted, in looking one’s eyes
To sum up, those moments
We were asked to pay hard
To stay apart…

Fate acted cruel, for us
If only we were strong enough
Standing for us, in the storm
Not moving an inch
Love could have, took us home…

Loving wasn’t easy part for us…
We were left searching for shelters
Torn but hope not fading away
Of our hearts, even at the end of the day
Will see us again, somewhere…

My love!

You don’t have to love, my love
I’m holding faith, my love
Under the stars the grasses are
So soft where you lay,my love

Take your time, heal your lies
I won’t regret, wasting life
No words no pain
Our hearts in vain
Please don’t cry, my love

Let it be us, for the time to come
Act you’re fine, I will watch you try
More to come, more to see
We’ll be doing fine, my love

Haven’t seen your real side
Your perfect smile, from a while
Keeping you to yourself
A new face everyday, for the world

You will find my love, oh my love
It’ll hunt down your sorrow
Breathe back to live, see new side
Where your happiness are
Where your heart beats perfectly
Grab it all, my love

Don’t waste your time, my love
Love me back, I’m yours
I will write you songs
Please see it all
Eyes says it all, my love ❤

Castles of sand

We sat by the sea shore
Making castles of sand
Hold it all together tight
For it may break down

Make it like our love
Hope i am right
Grows on and on every single time
I watch you smile

Let’s make it worth living
We’re chasing the sunshine
Taking all when we get it
For the days may be dark sometimes
We’ll be holding hands, n face it fine.

Our small desires of heart
And about the future we thought
Please pour it all
Let’s name it love.

All our life we’ll cherish it
We will Protect it from the waves
Bound of passion and our dreams
It will never fade away.

Dusk came n our castle looked great
We sighed and smile and watched ahead
Deep in the sea, the sunset
Colouring the sky in a romantic way
Waited and admired, till the stars came.

We love it this way
Our life with no mistakes
No fear no pains
But it can’t be perfect
Without the same.

A confession

That day was like every other day…
but little did I knew
it was definitely better….
Because it was the first time
I met you❤
Let’s give you a hint…
A cinema hall

Yes, there you were with your friend, that happened to be my friend too…
it would be cliche to say but it’s…
from the depth of my heart❤,
that something instantly clicked
when I looked at you….

I wish I could never take my eyes of you,
but I had to, didn’t wanted to seem like a creep…
if only you could feel my burning red cheeks…
you would understand…
and thank God you didn’t…
It could have been so embarrassing…

I couldn’t seem to concentrate,
when we’re having a conversation…   my mind was lost in my thoughts, of you❤
Your cute handsome face with
glasses on, that killing smile of yours,
I was falling hard for your every little things, that you didn’t seemed to notice…

All the time i crossed your way,
only made my crush for you
to get more n more everyday…
it was so hard to get it out of my chest…
it only led to constant teasing
by my friends, asking that I was so whipped like never before…

So, here I am at last…
not being able to hold anymore,
confessing all that I have
so beautiful inside my heart,
for you!

I wish I had that much courage,
that I could have looked into
your eyes and said it…
but never mind this feels no less…
it’s the same beautiful feeling
I could have ever felt❤
Only Yours…


This all feels so good
This all feels perfect
We always feel good for our own
And nothing seems worthless

Better days are on the way
N we are restless
Soon to feel alive
To taste the freedom, is all we care

We got running in our head
Dreaming about, what are we going to do next day
It’s all so fast, can’t sleep tight
We have been hit hard by the time

Nervous about the future sometimes
Sometimes, thinks why don’t we live now
This makes it complicated
And this is how, a moment gets wasted

Hard to realize, hard to think straight
Feelings n mind in distress
To go with both is not safe
Means are scarce, desires are everywhere

The cold ones, the hot ones
I’m neutral they say
Don’t know what they mean
I just stay out of their way

If it rains, the side is two
Someone loves it, someone hate
Tried of trying to make a difference
I appreciate it n walk away